GEO Green Energy Options Solo 2 Wireless Display With Bridge

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Geo Solar Solo II PV Monitor ( with bridge )
Display - Personal Displays

The Solo II is a stylish and elegant web-enabled colour display for a single Smart or Pre-Smart Electricity Meter.With its stylish speedometer design, it display information cleanly, clearly and concisely. The display can show generation over the course of the day, yesterday and last week.The Solo II PV shows when an array is producing enough energy to power high-load appliances (like dishwashers and tumble dryers), making sure that power generated via panels is used at the optimum times for greatest efficiency.The Solo II PV display comes with full access to our online energy management service, energynote. Energynote automatically takes data from the display via the internet bridge (supplied with the display) and populates an engaging, interactive web service that allows end-users to make comparisons, spot trends and analyse their generation in depth. Overall this unit is instrumental in monitoring a system. 

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